Friday, June 12, 2009

Floating Roof House by Tezuka Architects

A very delicate work by Tezuka Architects.

The Floating Roof House by Tezuka Architects is located at the bottom of a hill. I guess everyone is fed up with this years winter by now. The floating roof allows the slope to continue through the internal space. That would be the ideal place to enjoy a nice spring / summer day.

Architects: Tezuka Architects - Takaharu+Yui Tezuka, Masahiro Ikeda, Chie Nabeshima, Hiroshi Tomikawa
Architectural and Structural desing: Tezuka Architects + MASAHIRO IKEDA co., ltd
Lighting design: Masahide Kakudate (Masahide Kakudate Lighting Architect & Associates, Inc.)
Construction: Kajima Corporation, Hiroshima
Design period: 2004.4-2004.12
Construction period: 2005.1-2005.8
Photography: Katsuhisa Kida / FOTOTECA
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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Aluhocker Aluminium Stool

Aluhocker Aluminium Stool1
Aluhocker Aluminium Stool2
Aluhocker Aluminium Stool3 Read More..

Coastal House

Coastal House1
Coastal House2
Coastal House3
Coastal House4
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Aluminum kitchen

Aluminum kitchen1
Aluminum kitchen2
Aluminum kitchen3
Aluminum kitchen4
The 100% aluminium made kitchen. Impermeable, Ignifuge, No-Corrosion, with 20 years of warranty and thousands of finishes, colours and possibilities. Read More..

Red Anglepoise

red anglepoise
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